Thursday, June 6, 2013

Olivia's Lovely Locks

Good afternoon all!
If you haven't noticed in many of the pictures that I have posted recently, my oldest is rocking a new hairstyle.  Well there's a little story behind that SHORT haircut.  It starts during spring break and our trip to the library. 

We found a little book called Sophie's Lovely Locks.  My oldest was immediately drawn to it because "Sophie is beautiful!"  **Spoiler alert** Sophie loves her hair, but decides it too much.  She cuts it and donates it.  At the end, you see a little bald girl putting on a golden wig from Sophie.

sophie's lovely locks
So it's a super cute book.  My big-hearted, sweet girl decided that she wanted to give a little girl some of her hair too.  Since Easter, she has been growing out her hair in hopes that I would finally live up to my end of the deal and take her to get it cut off. 
I measured it the other day and decided that it was long enough, and secretly started making phone calls to get it cut.  This is where the story gets very interesting...while looking up online for less-expensive places for kids cuts, we called JCPenney.  They said they charge $11 for a kids cut.  Then just chatting, I told them that she finally had enough hair to donate.  The girl then informed me that if we were donating the hair, the cut was free!  Yes you read right...FREE!  Way to go JCP! 
(Sorry for the blurry picture.  Once she found out what was happening, it was hard for her to keep still).
The next day, I surprised Olivia and took her to get her hair cut off.  She was so excited, I was SUPER nervous.   And they did it right.  We're not talking a cheapy haircut.  They washed, conditioned, braided, then styled her hair.  When she started making the cut, my stomach jumped into my throat. 
I think the little one and I were thinking the same thing!
When it was all said and done, she looked at least a whole year older

But I tell you what, she was beaming!  And really hasn't stopped since.

Here are the organizations that our family is familiar with, when it comes to hair donation:
I hope you all have a very blessed day!

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Tricia said...

Emogene had that outfit once. Way to go Olivia!